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Employer Retirement Plan Services

Retirement Plans

At The Mohr Financial Group, we pride ourselves on service. Our experience includes services provided to a variety of retirement plan types, 401(k), 403(b), Defined Benefit, and Profit Sharing plans. We advise employers with one employee to thousands of employees. We offer personalized service to professional corporations and small businesses alike.

As independent Financial Advisors, we have access to a wide variety of investment options, which allows us to offer the best solution for your company. We partner with you to customize your qualified retirement plan that aligns with your business goals and cost parameters.

Plan Design

Covering the full spectrum of qualified retirement plans, we help you determine an appropriate solution for your business, whether that is a 401(k), 403(b), SEP or SIMPLE IRA, defined benefit plan, profit sharing plan, or other option.

Plan Participant Education

Based on our experience, we know that participant education is a key factor in retirement plan success. In concert with you, we create a personalized program that meets the unique needs of your organization. We strive to help your employees understand their options. With employee education, we can help to improve employee participation. In today’s world, technology plays and important role in retirement plan education. We may also include webinars, newsletters, phone support, and on-site meetings.

Fiduciary Support

With the ever-changing regulatory environment, fiduciary liability is a real concern. We assist you with maintaining your overall fiduciary responsibility in areas of risk management, due diligence and plan filings. We work with you to create and maintain your Investment Policy Statement. We assist you with investment selection and performance monitoring, thereby reducing your liability.

Plan Benchmarking

Benchmarking your plan can not only save you money, it’s part of your fiduciary duty. At the Mohr Financial Group, we regularly benchmark your plan to ensure the structure and costs are competitive. Our independent market review of your plan is designed to identify areas where we can improve your experience and reduce costs. If you plan has not been benchmarked in the last three years, please feel free to contact us.