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San Diego, CA 92130
phone: 858.755.3838
toll free: 800.479.4001
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Prospective Clients

What You Can Expect

We find that everyone needs a financial "checkup". Some need a complete review, while others only need to focus on a particular area such as retirement planning, review of your existing investments, or your estate plan. The common thread with all of our clients is we work to help them feel comfortable about their financial future as a result of our planning. We maintain consistent contact to help ensure their plans stay on course.

Financial Independence means having the freedom to pursue what is really important to you and your family. The Mohr Financial Group has developed The Mohr Financial Group Advantage to assist you in making your most important financial decisions necessary as we strive to help maximize the value of your assets, enhance the quality of your life, and realize your personal and financial goals.

The Mohr Financial Group Advantage results in a personal financial strategy that will bring all of the elements of your financial life into one clearly focused picture. You will feel confident and have an improved sense of well-being knowing you are have a plan toward achieving all of your financial goals. We build lasting relationships by objectively providing custom solutions for each client and review your progress toward accomplishing your goals.

The Mohr Financial Group prides itself on the service provided to our clients. After learning about The Mohr Financial Group, you may choose to request a consultation. This complimentary initial consultation can easily be scheduled by calling or emailing our office.