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The Retirement Planning Process

Retirement is a stage in life that we all look forward to - a time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. But how well have you prepared? Whether you are 30 years old or 60, preparing for retirement is essential to a confident financial future. Our Financial Advisors can help you complete a retirement plan.

Retirement planning doesn’t begin in your 50’s and 60’s. Most retirees wish they started saving for their retirement earlier in life. We help many young people understand the impact of beginning to save for retirement early in their careers. As you approach retirement, you will be faced with many important questions. What is the retirement process? Should you keep your retirement money in the 401(k) plan or roll it over to an individual IRA? Should you take your pension as a monthly annuity or elect a lump sum rollover? Will you out live your retirement nest egg? How much income can you afford to take from retirement savings?

The Mohr Financial Group specializes in retirement planning. With over 75 years of combined experience, we are qualified to help answer these difficult questions and guide you through the entire retirement process. All your questions will be answered clearly and concisely. We empower you with the knowledge to make the right financial decisions for you and your family. Your Mohr Financial Group Advisor will design a plan that seeks to produce the retirement income you need while positioning the portfolio for future growth potential.

What We Do – Pre-Retirement

Financial independence during retirement is a goal that many of us desire but rarely plan for adequately. We will evaluate any company-sponsor retirement plans, individual retirement accounts, savings accounts, and other sources of income. Based on your unique investment objectives, we will assist you in determining the proper investment allocation of your existing 401(k) savings plan.

We will estimate how much you need to save to maintain your current lifestyle throughout retirement. In other words, we will calculate the amount of retirement savings needed to produce a set amount of retirement income. For example, if you have a monthly income need of $5,000, given a specific number of years and a hypothetical growth rate, we will project how much retirement savings is required to produce that $5,000 per month of income. Financial Planning during your pre-retirement year is critical to confidently working towards your retirement goals. Here at the Mohr Financial Group, we have Certified Financial Planners® and a Chartered Financial Consultant to help you create your own financial plan.

Your Mohr Financial Group Advisor will determine the appropriateness of specific investments. Additionally, we can help establish retirement accounts for individuals who do not have employer-sponsor plans in effect, such as IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, and Simple IRAs. If you are in that situation, call or email us to arrange an appointment to determine which retirement plan would be appropriate given your circumstances.

What We Do – Post-Retirement

Once the decision to retire is made, the complexity involved in what to do next can be overwhelming. New retirees have important questions to ask and critical decisions to make before doing anything with their retirement money. One of the biggest decisions can be - do I take a lump sum pension distribution or the company’s annuity income plan? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How do I project how much income my family will need once I retire? How do I not outlive my retirement savings? As specialists in retirement planning, your Mohr Financial Group professional can walk you through the entire process.

Income Distribution

There are many strategic decisions involved in establishing income for retirees. There are specific IRS rules for withdrawing money from a retirement account if you are under age 59 1/2 or older than 70 1/2. These rules may be different if you have a Traditional IRA versus a Roth IRA. As specialists in retirement planning, we can guide you through this complex maze.

An important factor in developing your retirement portfolio is if and when income may be needed. If income is needed today, our investment strategy will be more conservative than if income is not needed for years to come. A more conservative portfolio will include more fixed income investments, such as government and corporate bonds, or other investments designed to provide income. We provide conservative financial planning and investment advice to manage your principal. We will carefully design a suitable income producing strategy for your unique circumstances.

After the implementation of a diversified asset allocation plan, we will meet on an annual basis to thoroughly review the performance of your portfolio and make any needed adjustments. In some cases, changes in your personal life may require adjustments to your financial plan. This annual review is critical to staying on track.

Call us to arrange an appointment to discuss your retirement options. Also visit the Investment Planning section to learn more about the process of how a retirement portfolio is constructed.